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Lasandra Andrews
Lasandra Andrews
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Office Number (308) 392-3660
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Liz joined Pathway Bank in January 2023 as a Teller/Personal Banker. In February of 2024, she transitioned to the insurance department and obtained her license in property and casualty. Her primary role is to assist customers in finding insurance coverage that fits their needs and protects them from unforeseen losses.

Being bilingual, Liz eagerly offers assistance to customers in need of translation services. Customer service is her preferred line of work. Previously, she worked in a veterinary clinic for seven years. Despite transitioning to a different field, she remains committed to providing excellent customer service in her new environment.

Liz finds fulfillment in the insurance industry through the opportunity to sit down with customers, understand their needs, and build trustworthy relationships with them.

Residing in Ravenna since 2019 with her husband, daughter, and son, Liz cherishes spending time with her family outside of work. Whether they're taking walks, watching movies, going fishing, or embarking on memorable trips together, she values these moments. She appreciates the small community life and finds that a job at Pathway Insurance aligns perfectly with her lifestyle