Welcome to Pathway Insurance Agency 

Your source for home and auto insurance in Grand Island and Cairo, NE

We’ve been doing business in Cairo, Grand Island, and other areas for more than 100 years.  It’s a legacy for us; we believe in insurance and in helping our clients stay secure and protected.  Pathway Insurance Agency has two locations and we have a far reach that allows us to connect with residents of areas far away from these two hubs.  More than anything we believe in serving as many interests as we can, but we believe in serving them right.  This means providing the right products at the best prices while establishing and developing relationships with clients.  These relationships make it easier to keep clients protected and help them through claims. 

We specialize in home and auto insurance, but we serve a wide variety of personal and commercial insurance interests.  Farmers and farm owners know us well because we take an in-depth and personalized approach to insuring their operations.  Manufacturers and contactors know us the same way for the same reason.  We’re not a chiefly commercial agency by any stretch - we have personal clients in great numbers.  If you need life insurance, health insurance, or some other personal insurance, we can help you. 

As an independent agency we naturally work with a variety of different insurance carriers and this gives us a very clear advantage over ‘captive’ insurance companies – we’re devoted to clients’ interests above all other things.  Additionally, we have access to coverage options that span a number of companies, and this gives our clients more variety.  We like being able to give our clients choices and we love being able to help them find what they need.  If you need insurance of any kind and would like to work with knowledgeable, personable agents, please give us a call or contact us  We’re happy to speak with you.  

Pathway has always treated me fairly and with compassion. All the agents are very approachable, helpful and easy to talk with. Mark H.
Mark H.